Have a blessed Easter…


and stay out of the snow.

As Catholics the world over are preparing for Good Friday, a fresh layer of snow has blanketed the streets of Munich in a winter that refuses to end.

If you are celebrating Easter this weekend, I wish you that the warmth in your hearts may melt the ice away and may the flower of kindness, solidarity and generosity blossom once more with the rising of Christ.

Happy Easter! And the best to all of you out there who are of a different confession/religion/faith.



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      • Mda….oricum vara “germana” este efemera, cateodata chiar deloc :(. Ar fi fain sa ne intalnim…mai ales ca se pare ca si avem copii apropiati ca varsta (al meu are 2 ani si ceva si e ceva teribil cu el). Apropos, mi-a placut ffff mult postarea referitoare la cresterea copiilor cu “zahar”. Sunt complet de acord cu tine….tough love va fi mult mai folositoare pe termen lung, si nici eu nu sufar ca poate, ma va iubi copilul mai putin. Shit happens! 😉

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