Caution: This blog deals in words. Words are real. They structure thought and dilate the heart. They generate sensations, build metaphors, challenge or reinforce myths. They pacify, demolish or persuade. Words inform behavior and can, on occasion, seduce irreversibly. Words create worlds. Beware!

I think communication is of the essence. I believe, with the great Michelangelo Buonarroti, that “two are the virtues a person should never lose: the courage to confront one’s own weaknesses and the strength to endure one’s own emotions.” I love to read, write, translate, photograph, and travel. Ecotourism is my thing. So are fair collaboration, lifelong learning, thinking freely, and getting involved in worthy causes. I teach my kids that happiness is not a prize, it’s a challenge and a discovery. Life itself is a fascinating journey. You get up one morning and decide to make the journey worthwhile.

Born and raised behind the Iron Curtain, in one of Europe’s worst totalitarian regimes, I look at the world with a combination of wonderment and skepticism. I first tasted freedom at 14 and have been making the best of it ever since.

So what is this blog about? Emigration, travels, family life, daily routines, society, motherhood, faith or the loss thereof. Poetry. Photography. Philosophy. Communicating ideas, places and emotions. Life in general.

As Calvin and Hobbes aptly put it, “There’s treasure everywhere“. My hope is you’ll get something out of reading it. I for one will definitely enjoy sharing my ideas, views, beliefs, and experiences with others.

Please remember, before you enter, that you are entering someone’s home. Someone’s heart. Someone’s inner forum. Welcome!



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  1. Whoa, very happy to discover this piece of land in the world of WWW! 🙂 Definitely will spend a while here to read the most relevant stuff!


  2. Imi pare rau ca am descoperit acest blog intr-un asa moment de trecere. Dar imi pare bine ca l-am descoperit si imi pare bine ca accidentul fetitei tale nu a lasat urme mai adanci.God is great! Imi place cum scrii, esti evident o persoana pe gustul meu – citind, imi amintesc cu drag de prietenele mele dragi, frumoase si destepte, care imi sunt asa de departe. Voi astepta cu rabdare noi postari.Multumesc


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