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Romanian sights 2017



Exploring (and enjoying) the Carpathian garden! 😉


Italy. 15 hours near Pisa

Italy. 15 hours near Pisa

To even consider a 15-hour drive (round trip) for a measly 15 waking hours in Italy, you must be pretty desperate.

Not only did we consider it, we actually went. Three weeks of winter in the month of May, all hell breaking loose at work and a nasty throat infection did it. We wanted Italy. We needed Italy. We found a nice bed-and-breakfast near Lucca at €120/night for four (Triolivo, in Guamo), packed a bag, and didn’t think twice.

An ambition that had been simmering in our subconscious quickly developed into a full-blown obsession. We want to see the leaning tower of Pisa! We’d been to Italy so many times, how could we have missed it? I mean, it’s not exactly hard to find. It’s right there, on every children’s atlas, right next to the red Ferrari. Simply had to see it. Simply had to climb it.

293 steps and we were at the top for the noon bells! Was it worth it? Well, our son was crawling on all fours under the large bell to explore the sound mechanism, and was so excited he even forgot to cover his ears in the hubbub, so you be the judge of that.

What else was on the list? The charming little citadel of Lucca (where Giacomo Puccini was born), sun and storm in the Tuscan hills, a seaside view of the Apennine mountains with surfers in the roaring waves, profiteroles, dry soup made of fresh tomato puree and white bread, and the hot sand at Camaiore.

We spent only one night in Italy, yet managed to return with a bagful of great memories. I think our son’s exclamation on the way back pretty much sums it up: “But we were there for 3 days!”

24 hours in Verona – November


Periplu românesc 2016 – Romania 2016 – Rumänien 2016


Munţii Cernei – Defileul Dunării (la Cazane, de pe apă) – Sibiu şi Făgăraşii cu creste înzăpezite – Sighişoara – Salina Praid – Secuime – Cheile Bicazului şi retur.

Pe scurt: am fript slană la foc în munţi, am mâncat direct la o stână, pe Dunăre căpitanul/ghid i-a lăsat pe copii să ţină ei cârma bărcii cu motor în timp ce zburam cu 40 la oră pe graniţa dintre state (extaz pt. fiică-mea, concentrare crispată pt. fiu-miu), băieţii au fost la pescuit, am fost la parc de distracţii (plus bar) în salină, am vizitat muzeul din Turnul Sighişoarei, iar de bălăceala din piscina hotelului Korona nici nu mai zic. Patronii de acolo ne-au făcut o reducere la cazare fiindcă ne-au recunoscut de anul trecut. Şi ce mişto se văd Cheile Turzii de pe autostradă, într-o sâmbătă aproape pustie!
A, şi – evident – highlight-ul (dacă îi întrebaţi pe prunci): Angry Birds Movie în 3D la mall, cu o dublare în româneşte de zile mari. 🙂 Epocal a fost.

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Copyright: Andreea Sepi 2016.

Romania (Banat mountains, Danube Gorges on the border to Serbia, Sibiu and the snow-capped Fagaras mountains, Sighisoara, Praid Salt Mine, Eastern Transylvania, Bicaz Canyon and back) – May 2016. Click on any image for full-size viewing (then click on arrow left or right for previous/next image). Enjoy!

Romania – Primeval beauty


Romania, Europe’s tender wilderness. Here, the Cerna Valley and its surroundings, in the country’s southwest.

The scenery, a soft primordial crescendo. The climate mild, the people welcoming. And the fragrances – whether wild flowers and acacia or the smell of home-cooked meals – irresistible.

Rumänien, Europas sanfte Wildnis. Hier, das Cernatal und seine Umgebung im Südwesten des Landes.

Die Landschaft – eine ruhige, sich selbst überbietende Steigerung. Das Klima – mild, die Leute – bescheiden und gastfreundlich. Und die Duftwolken – ob Wildblüten und Akazien oder hausgemachtes Essen – unwiderstehlich.


Articolul complet în limba română, aici:

Garmisch sites, Kramer Wandergebiet


It’s official! Spring is coming. Sweating through our mountain gear Sunday, 06.12.15 in Garmisch – Grasberg Hütte.

Copyright photographs: Andreea Sepi, 2015.

(Limited series prints available for sale in 30×40 cm frame format, with high-quality passepartout and different color aluminium frames. EUR89,00.)

November medley



Copyright photography: Andreea Sepi 2015.

(Limited series prints available for sale in 30×40 cm frame format, with high-quality passepartout and different color aluminium frames. EUR89,00.)