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Things you can observe at 7 a.m.


I watched blackbirds today.

I couldn’t sleep.

Early at dawn I watched a parent

feed her chick.

The older one was dark –

as burdens darken us;

the younger pale,

unknowing, made a fuss.

Peck, peck, they went

as their small beaks touched

From where I sat,

it looked as if they kissed.

And it occurred to me

that this is how you feed

the nerve to fly,

which I so sorely missed.

At the heart of the world


at the heart of the world

there can be only silence.

the solitude

of contemplating God.

at the heart of the world

there is

a slight summer breeze,

the purple sweetness of acacia snowing down

(dry blossoms piling quietly by the curb),

the glowing peace of the evening,

and church bells scintillating.

at the heart of the world

there is

an ocean of womanhood.

the Red Sea of love and voiceless despair,

the lonely, gentle caress of a virgin

for her child.