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Wie Teelichter auf einem Fluss der Vergessenheit

entfernen sich die Wörter

sanft schaukelnd.

Langsam aber sicher

entgleiten sie uns;

unmöglich das Verweilen.

Im Streit der Gewässer

eilen sie flussabwärts,

sie geraten ins Schwanken,

manchmal erlischt das Licht, es riecht

nach flüssigem Wachs,

wenn sie umfallen

besiegeln sie ihr Schicksal,

stummer Rauch steigt auf

und sie ertrinken.

Die Vergangenheit hat der Gegenwart

nichts zu sagen.

Allein die Zukunft glüht noch,

brüchig und schön wie das Unerreichbare.

Wie lange bevor sie in Dunkelheit versinkt,

weiß niemand.

Ein Kiel voller Löcher.

Von weit her nimmt man ein schwaches Flimmern wahr,

man sieht ihre flackernden Geister erleuchten

immer noch.

Wir bleiben zurück.

Manchmal kommen die Lichter an einer ruhigen Bucht stehen:

Dort, wo der turbulente Fluss einen Bogen macht

um eine riesige alte Eiche,

dort summen sie noch, die überlebenden,

dort geben sie Laute von sich,

sich gegenseitig suchend und gegenseitig


Ich sitze hier am Ufer und zähle



die kalten Sterne am Nachthimmel,

die vielleicht so gar nicht mehr existieren.

Out of Words


I have given life to two children

I have exhaled all my words

I am all written out of poems.

My Japanese ink paintings are modest

They’ve long been made into paper airplanes.

Here I stand like a leafless tree basking in the nonchalance of autumn.

I draw my vigour from the earth

I squint at the antediluvian depths I have recreated and revived.

I blink out of three pairs of eyes

(The plastic crow on my balcony never blinks – I became disenchanted with doves a long time ago

Flight for me is a flight of stairs.

Watch me carry haikus in my bags as I climb.)

I run my fingers through my hair and pear blossoms fill the floor.

Are you emboldened, literati?

How do you rank against my writing?

I’ve been composing multicolored ribbons of DNA and have mastered

The secret cellular alchemy

Of original thought. And original being.

I’ve been weaving balls of synapses into lyrical epics and dramas

Perfecting my bildungsroman for generations to come.

I have fleshed out my heroes (my villains, too!)

And catapulted glitter into the night sky.

There, read!


Copyright A. Sepi 2019. All rights reserved




A must-have for wannabees


How does Homeric Writers’ Retreat & Workshop on the Greek island of Ithaca sound to you? Tempting, huh? Well, there’s only one problem with that. You’d have to be a writer first. Not necessarily an accomplished one. This is actually a workshop for aspiring writers, managed and organised by Australian-born novelist, poet and editor Jessica Bell – who is also the author of the book I’m happy to introduce.

In her latest Adverbs & Clichés in a Nutshell: Demonstrated Subversions of Adverbs & Clichés into Gourmet Imagery, Ms. Bell takes us through thirty-four examples of prose which clearly demonstrate how to turn those pesky adverbs and clichés into vivid and unique imagery. Before you submit your writing for publishing, only to get the same annoying response “too many adverbs, too many clichés”, or “show, don’t tell!” (by the way, Jessica Bell also has a book on that), this book is something you absolutely need to read.

Adverbs-&-cliches_cover_for Internet

Why? Because it’s simple and concise and matter-of-fact. You’ll find yourself slapping your forehead for how straightforward it all seems, and how strikingly powerful even the simplest of prose can become after you’ve filtered out the inert mass. Not only is this pocket guide an excellent learning tool for aspiring writers, but it is a user-friendly solution to honing your craft no matter how broad your writing experience. Fortunately, it is now available in electronic format. With the convenient hyper-linked Contents Page and Indexes you can toggle backward and forward from different examples with ease. You can use your e-reader’s highlighting and note-taking tools to keep notes as you read, and/or record your story ideas, anywhere, anytime.  Don’t just dream of writing, learn how it’s done! And one of these days, it may be you on Ithaca, or in the Provence or any other place under the sun making an actual living from your actual writing – whether fiction, journalism or advertising.

To purchase, click on the following links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Ca | Kobo

For more information about Jessica please visit:

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